The technological evolution

of insoluble electrodes

PLATIFUSION® is the advanced fusion/diffusion treatment based on pure platinum for treating titanium mesh insoluble anodes for electrochemical and industrial applications.

PLATIFUSION® is a technology by Berkem Srl covered by trade secret and registered trademark. Insoluble anodes require inert material on their surface and pure platinum is the best choice: it is resistant to corrosion and 100% recyclable and recoverable. Platinized titanium mesh anodes with PLATIFUSION® technology have a slightly higher initial purchase cost than RuMMO mixed oxide anodes, but if we consider the entire life cycle of the anode, the convenience moves decidedly towards PLATIFUSION anodes ®. Moreover, their duration over time is superior thanks to the typical features of the PLATIFUSION® process.

PLATIFUSION®gives to platinum deposit on titanium meshes unique and objectively detectable characteristics:

Through PLATIFUSION® technology, improving the production process is now easily achievable and cost-effective.


thickness uniformity
(up to 5 microns) which increases the lifetime


compactness and perfect adherence
which improve the quality of the depositions of metal


lower porosity
of the mesh which makes it possible to use the same anode in different solutions without causing pollution


less roughness
which facilitates washing after use


lower roughness
of the platinum deposit underlines the quality of the production process

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technologies without limits

special insoluble

PLATIFUSION® includes a range of insoluble electrodes in platinized titanium mesh, with standard shapes and sizes, specifically designed for the use of galvanic solutions based on precious metals in tanks from 1 to 300 liters.

On the strength of its experience in galvanic processes, Berkem has developed its own line of special insoluble anodes to meet the needs of efficiency and optimization of the production processes based on precious metals for silversmith, goldsmith, high jewellery and fashion accessories sectors.

Metal base

Titanium Grade 1

Shape of the base

Mesh 5x10x1x1 mm

Surface factor



2.5 micron

Treatment technology


Titanium stem

250x20x1.5 mm



The anodes of the Special Series are available in different formats and sizes.

insoluble anodes

PLATIFUSION® is available for insoluble anodes of fully customizable shape, thickness and size in fast delivery terms.

PLATIFUSION® is the treatment based on pure platinum for titanium mesh anodes that increases process performances of electrochemical and industrial applications.

Metal base

Titanium Grade 1

Shape of the base

Mesh 5x10x1x1 mm


assemblable modules
max 400x800x1 mm

Surface factor



from 1 to 5 micron

Treatment technology


Titanium stem

max 1000x20x1.5 mm
max 1000x30x1.5 mm



We realize insoluble electrodes on customer specific requests

circular by design

“Infinitely Circular Anodes” is the regeneration service for exhausted platinized titanium mesh anodes with PLATIFUSION® treatment:

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special insoluble anodes series

platifusion® V

anodi verticali

platifusion® H

anodi orizzontali

platifusion® SC

anodi curvi

platifusion® C

anodi cilindrici

platifusion® K

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custom insoluble anodes series

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